Company: DONG Energy/Ørsted

Job title: Senior array cable manager/Project manager/Package manager 


2018-2018 BKR 01 & BKR02 -

448 MW Offshore windfarm

2017-2018 HOW01 -

1,2 GW Offshore windfarm

2014-2018 ROW01 -

573MW Offshore windfarm

2013-2015 HRV03 -

400MW Offshore windfarm

2013-2015 GOW01 & GOW02 -

330MW & 252MW Offshore windfarm

2012-2013 ANH 01 –

400MW offshore wind farm

2010-2012 WOW 2 –

180MW offshore wind farm

Summary of tasks:

Responsible for contracting and delivery of array cables, IPC cables and termination works including accessories

Responsible for execution of the contract including coordination of tasks and

responsible for managing cost and technical aspects in delivery and execution of package; Array cable supply, IPC works and field terminations.

Negotiation and preparation of call-off agreement

Execution management for offshore substations.

Participation in factory audits.


Responsible for various additional works and assisting in troubleshooting regarding fault current on fibre optical network

Adapting requirements from O&M into the scope, even late in the process

Chairing monthly progress meetings with subcontractors and manufacturers

Input to monthly progress reports

Budget management of package

Time management

Contract management and negotiations

Managing site-based supervision team and termination works

Hand-over to commissioning

Interface management

Technical documentation reviews etc.

As-built documentation

Hand-over to operations and maintenance

Part of the team establishing a framework agreement with JDR cables for UK array cables deliveries (technical and execution including, cost, budget, progress rates etc.)

Preparation of call off agreements         

Contracting of strategic cables for DONG Energy's O&M division, supervision of production in relation to quality and delivery time and supporting with technical assistance for the transportation and delivery of the cables

2014 - 2014

O&M Spare cables


Horns Rev 03 - 400MW Offshore windfarm

Prequalification, design of technical solutions, time schedule preparation, budget planning, staffing and bid input for array cable solution incl. link to HRV02.

Development project.

 Responsible for export and array cable solutions and overall design contributions.


Distributed Containerised Solution (DCS) for wind farms


Borkum Riffgrund 01 – Offshore platform

QC responsible for all electrical installations on the OSS including Punch lists, solutions, negotiations, meetings and documentation.

Electrical Project Manager for the coal harbor facilities, including design, planning, engineering, documentation, contract specification and purchase of all the electrical equipment and installation and QC for the coal conveyor system.


                      The power station consists of two coal-fired production plants with an overall capacity of 409MWe and 2MJ/s of heat. Unit 1 from 1966 has a capacity of 143MWe, and unit 2 from 1970 has a capacity of 266MWe.

The coal harbor facility at the power station has been updated with new 40-tonne unloading cranes, coal storage and conveyor system. The complete coal handling system is designed for transporting 4000t/h coal.


Stigsnæs Power Station, coal harbour facility