More about me

Personal characteristics and strengths


Problem solving:

I can find my way through chaos, communicate clearly, dare to take decisions (including the difficult ones) and put action behind.

Coordination and overview:

I create overview, define the project stage and set direction.

Creative and aesthetic approach to exiting challenges.


I focus on collaboration and finance by being trustworthy and honest, while safeguarding the interests of the company and the progress of the project.


I communicate clearly and take responsibility. If employees and project participants have questions or are in doubt about what to do, I will listen, provide competent sparring and take the decisions in cooperation with the involved parties, which will ensure the progress of the project.

Calm approach to conflicts:

I navigate experienced in conflict-filled situations and am good at keeping an eye on the ball, with understanding and inclusion of the emotional outbursts that may occur

Core competencies

  • Cable package manager: Leading and driving complex cable scope from cradle to operation.
  • Project manager: Managing technical projects and ensuring delivery on time.
  • OSS: Ensuring good technical solutions for HV and MV cables and overall quality for electrical installations with a thorough focus on the budget.
  • Interim manager: Ensuring the best possible transit between managers, holding up moral and productivity.

Leisure and interests

I enjoy working out, traveling, reading books and being with friends and family.
I was born October 25, 1975 and married to Jette. Together we have Lau at 17 years, Freja at 19 years and our dog Karla.